Teenage boys room update

I cleaned it up (trust me, 17 year old boys, left to their own devices are not the neatest animals) . It was bare and lacking any character. Here it is post clean up but before the updates. Drab and lifeless LOL.
  It’s not easy to decorate for a young man; too themeish would be child like, too together and it could look overly mature.  This space turned out perfectly for my son. It is just like him, calm and simple (no, not his mind).


Since I am trying to redo this room at little to no additional costs, other than what I have in the house, I had to come up with some paint colours, so I mixed and came up with this palette. All of the paint is from the recycle center; free.

The only additional cost was for the curtain rod, everything else had been purchased at thrift stores.
You can see my tutorial here for attaching a drum shade to an old ceiling fixture.

The tv was mounted on the wall. 2 lack shelves to hold his gaming console and movies were $3.33 each. The Ikea drapes were brand new and bought for $12.00. The curtain rod I bought today for $12.95 at HD. 


The Pier 1 storage unit was a thrift store find for $10.00. The large letter D was $3.00. He made the little white table himself, I’m so proud of him. The mirror was taken from my bedroom.
The burlap was bought at a yard sale last year and I used my old shower curtain rod to hang them in his closet. Even the curtains rings were bought at the thrift store :)  Are you sensing a theme here?
I have one piece of baseboard left to install in that one corner.
He was reluctant to have me change his room, he’s a pretty typical teenager. A thrifty update that I am sure he will love.
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  1. You did a fabulous job. He has all his games and tv where he can see them and plenty of storage. Now that closet will hide a multitude of sins. I had 2 boys, so I totally understand. Hugs, Marty

  2. it looks awesome, mel! i love the shelving, and love the accent wall- adds a little fun to the room!

  3. The accent wall color is awesome! I like the burlap closet curtains too - manly, yet functional. Well done!

  4. Amazing transformation! I just finished my son's room too, but he's not quite four so was thrilled for the update! I'm sure my days of decorating his room are numbered!! Love the burlap closet curtains, great idea!

  5. I love the pillows and bedding. I am in the starting phase of redoing my oldest sons room (he'll be 12 this Summer) The floating shelves are a great idea. His tv is mounted on the wall and right now we struggle on where to put his game systems and dvd's. You've got some great ideas!! xoxo

  6. Cool! I love the color and how everything coordinates so nicely but with no juvenile theme! Great job! Awesome budget and great finds! I have an 18 yr old daughter...I don't think I can see her bedroom floor at the moment. lol!

    Happy 4th!


  7. Clean, masculine and modern. Another home run with hardly a dime spent!

  8. that is totally awesome and inspiring!! I love the colors and making it thrift store is the fun part of a challenge. You really did a great job :)

  9. Excellent! I am currently re-doing my 17 and 10 year old boys' rooms and I NEED to know where you found the deer pillow!!! That would be PERFECT for my oldest sons room!!!!!


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