Junk Trunk

I bought this trunk 12 years ago from a local craftsman. It lived in my old house as a coffee table/toy storage and back then I had the south west theme going on (cringe). One day I decided that it should no longer be stained blue, but should be black, and then I gave up. That was 11 years ago and since then it has sat in my garage, being used as something to practice my piling addiction on. LOL.

I’m warning you, it’s ugly. But it’s a good sturdy piece with dovetailed construction.


I set to work yesterday to make it pretty. It was sanded, then primed with an oil based primer.

I then painted it with 3 coats of Ralph Lauren’s Roadster White. I love this white and use it on most of my signs; It’s creamy without being yellowish.


I wanted something on it that was simple and decided on a damask pattern. I cut out a stencil and applied it to the top and the front. I sanded lightly to make the damask look like it had been on there a long time. Some distressing was done to expose the blue stain underneath the paint.


And now it is a welcome addition to my front entry, providing tons of storage and a place to sit to put on shoes.

I am not a furniture painter by nature, if there is such a beast, and I think there is :)  But I may change my mind after this one because it turned out better than I anticipated.


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  1. Now that's looking MUCH better! Nicely done!

    PS...if it's okay to ask, how's your sister doing?

  2. looks adorable, and that spot is perfect for it!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I don't think I'm a furniture painter by nature either, I'm just a junkie for the results. What you have there are some really awesome results!

  4. Very nice! I have a trunk that needs to be make beautiful, too. You've inspired me to get going on that project.

  5. that's gorgeous! i love where you're using it, too.

  6. Great job. Love the damask and choice of colors! Looks great where you have it too.

  7. Very nice!!! Congratulations!!! Kisses for you

  8. Wow! What a difference! I love trunks. I found two more in a building at my MIL's that I'm thinking of doing something with. Thanks for the comment on my trunk as well. :)

  9. This turned out great. I would say that you are now officially a painter! I am not but I admire those who are. Where do you get the Ralph Lauren paint?

  10. Love it and it fits so perfectly there! Love that tote too did you make it?


  11. Looking good Mel...I love the stencil work.


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