Awesome neighbourhood haunt

I have two neighbours that go all out every year. Each year it gets better and better.


This guy is so real and creepy


Even their hog is in on the festivities


DSC07262 DSC07250

I couldn’t back up enough to get a full size view, but this is an entire pirate ship!



DSC07247 DSC07249

There are flashing strobes, eerie sounds, fog machines, lights…it’s amazing!  Why I have to drag my kids is beyond me, I love it!


Selling my wares – anniversary gift

A co-worker asked me to make him a 30th anniversary gift to give to his wife, and he paid me for it! I’m so excited. He opted to have it framed, makes it easy for him :)
This is like the one that I made for another co-worker as a wedding gift.
DSC07229A little closer view.

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Beautiful Junk Saturday - Link Party


Christmas head start – ornaments

I know, Halloween is not even here yet, but I need to get a head start on Christmas as that is my busy season with my entertainment business.
I picked up some clear glass balls and used what I had around the house to come up with these; feathers, trim and fake snow.  So pretty.
DSC07197 I will be making personalized ornaments as gifts this year. Ideas are twirling in my mind.
Have you started your Christmas gifts yet?
Don’t forget about my first Linky Party coming up this Saturday (you can post on Friday at 4:00 PM)
I would love for you to participate. Come and show us what you have found or done with your Junk and thrifty finds.
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It's on! A new link party on Saturday

Thank you to all of you that took the time to let me know that you would love to participate in an all new link party!
I've decided on a name, it it may not be completely unique, but I'm working on half brain capacity today :)

I've chosen Saturday as the day of the link party, as I have more free time than on week days.


This coming Saturday will be the first party. I hope you will join in and help spread the word. This is another opportunity to show your stuff, and who doesn't like to show off just a little? :)


More thrifty finds

When I stop at the grocery store, I always take a quick peek into the GW to scope the place out. Yesterday I found this fantastic mirror for $10
I bought a buffet $50, sold it for $100 and purchased another IKEA Markor bookcase for $50, so it was basically free!
I’m still working on creating vignettes, but every single item, including the books were thrift store items. I call it my Junkin’ bookcase :)
After my previous thrift store brass purchase, I found another brass item that was too adorable to pass up at $2
SONY DSC                      
I have a question for all of you. If I were to host a linky party (maybe weekly depending on the level of interest), would you be interested in participating?  The party would be a way for you to show off your thrifty finds or how you have put your thrifty finds to use. I would like the focus to be on decor, as that is my area of interest. I know there are other parties out there that have a similar (or the same) theme, and this will be another way for you to show everyone how clever you are :)
Whatchafink? Also, if this were a go, can you come up with a relevant and clever name for the party?

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Recent Thrifty Finds – Brass is Back

I’ve been conscious of my purchases lately; just too much stuff lying about around here :)
But every once in a while I find something that cannot be resisted.

First I found this fabulous cast iron, brass finished partridge for $3. I have to admit that I didn’t know it was a partridge at first and had to look it up.


While looking it up I found an eBay store that has the same vintage bird for $99.!  Theirs has broken toes, while mine is pristine :)

Next I found this fabulous shield shape vintage mirror, for $7. I’m not too keen on the tassels, but they do go with the piece. It’s gold, but close enough to brass :)


I had the perfect spot for it on my gallery wall



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DIY Camera Bag

Now that I have this fantastic camera, I needed an equally fantastic camera bag. Well, I looked around a little and if I wanted one that was pretty, I would have to mortgage my house :)

You know I would find a way to make one for myself. Because it’s a holiday here today (Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks), there were no stores open, so I could only use what I had around the house.

Another consideration was that I wanted something that could also be used as a bag on it’s own, just in case I was able to find a nice camera bag for cheap :)

This is what I came up with.


I started with two fabrics that I used to recover my chairs. I needed some foam, but didn’t have any handy. I searched around in the garage after exhausting my craft room, and there I found an old life jacket! Use what you have.


There are a few tutorials on making the insert for a camera bag, so I won’t go over it again. The one that I found most helpful can be found at Blue . Lace . House .

DSCN2847 DSC07068
The bag itself is reversible. I found an excellent tutorial to make it at Little Girl Pearl, adjusting the dimensions to my needs.

DSCN2840 DSC07070

I’ve come to realize that sewing Velcro is the pits; I’d rather chew nails.

A sweet camera bag that cost me absolutely nothing. You can’t beat free (unless I were to get a fabulous bag for Christmas, hint hint)


No one will ever know that it’s a camera bag, therefore making it less likely to be stolen, I hope :)

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Dining room update

After the hours of work applying the horizontal stripes in my dining room, and living with those stripes for a year, they had to go. I never loved them and the room felt cold.

I spent the better part of today giving it an update.

I started by painting the ceiling. I measured 32” from the floor and painted the bottom wall white. I installed chair rail and painted the upper wall in BM asphalt. This is the same colour that is on my living room gallery wall. I’ve always liked it, so I figured go big :)


My fear was that it would look too dark, but I feel like it is just right for a dining room.


I’m now looking for two chairs to replace the white ones. I brought in my two antique chairs, but because the arms were high, they didn’t fit under the table. Easily solved by adding casters to the table legs.

Some daylight shots



Like any update, it’s never really done.
Maybe some picture frame moulding on the bottom?  Some more art?
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