A headboard in the dining room, with a change

Thank you to all of you that gave me so many great ideas.  There were a few that left some awesome opinions but didn’t provide any way for me to contact them to say thanks, so thanks.

I would love to add drapes, but it’s a really small dining room and I am also counting on the wall to hold the headboard up, since I have no way to attach it to the bench.

Anyway, I painted it white, no surprise there eh? lol  And you know I love my green accents, so I added those back in to the room. I brought up my wool rug from storage since it is now fall. I love this rug, but wool rugs shed so much, that I have to vacuum all the time and that is definitely not how I like to spend my free time. Ha ha.  I bet you don’t either.

headboard in dining room at www.junkinjunky.blogspot.com

With it painted white, I was able to move it to the right a little more and the legs are not so obvious and it’s closer to centered on the window. It will still drive me bonkers, but it is what it is.

headboard in dining room at www.junkinjunky.blogspot.com

I like it best at nighttime.

headboard in dining room at www..junkinjunky.blogspot.com

I am still slugging away at my daughters room, but I'm almost done. I have had a couple of really tough months this summer and haven't gotten to many projects around the house. My mum was sick and in hospital for a long time, while she was there she had a stroke. She is doing much better and has been transferred to a rehab facility.  Now my dad is not well and it’s frustrating to get him the help he needs. I've also been extremely busy at work, working lots of overtime.  Hopefully things will be back to normal soon, whatever normal is.

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Barn board coat rack

A young man at my work comes from a rural farm and often visits home on the weekends. I asked him if he had any barn board and he looked at me like I had gone crazy, wondering why I wanted any. He has an endless supply and if I think of anything that I really want to make, I have it at my fingertips.
I decided to start out slowly with a sample piece that he brought to me. He figures the barn is at least 100 years old!
Barn boad coat hook at www.junkinjunky.blogspot.com
I did nothing to it as I thought it was perfect as is. I found a package of 5 cast iron hooks at the thrift store, which made this project $3. Now we have another spot in our limited storage area to hang stuff.


A headboard, in the dining room?

I am working on redecorating my daughters bedroom, and I had the headboard that I used in her room up for sale. As I brought it downstairs to go to it’s buyer, it struck me that it might work behind the bench in the dining room!

Headboard in the dining room at Junkyjunky.blogspot.com

Maybe a different colour?  It’s a little wide for the bench, so the legs are visible, and the window is not centered on the wall, which drives me bonkers, but what do you think?

Headboard in the dining room at Junkyjunky.blogspot.com

Headboard in the dining room at Junkyjunky.blogspot.com

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