Uncle Billy’s dresser–it ain’t what it used to be

My sister was given this dresser from her partners uncle many years ago. It was a little dinged, cherry wood chest on chest, a little bland and very 50’s.  I was sure I took a before picture, but I can’t seem to find it, but I’m sure you’ve seen a hundred of these.


I painted it white, but that was a complete snore fest. I had to come up with a temporary way to dress it up. I say temporary because I change my mind, a lot. If I had painted a design on it, I would have to change the whole thing when I changed my mind about how I wanted it to look. In comes vinyl and my cricut.

I had read that you could spray paint vinyl, so I gave it a shot. I was undecided on what colour I wanted to use, so I sprayed three colours; copper, gold and silver.


I then traced the allium with SCAL, made a few different sizes and cut it out.


When I put the transfer tape on, it pulled some of the silver off but it turned out to be just what it needed, at least I am telling myself that.


I like the design and will hold on to it as is for a while, until I get my next hair brained scheme.


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New kitchen faucet

The faucet that I had was leaking and rusty.  I knew it needed to be replaced, but it was not a job I had done before. I armed myself with a whole bunch of video instructions, waited for a sale and bought a new faucet for $84, which was $100 off the regular price!

It only took an hour and a half, which would have been reduced by half an hour had I had the foresight to charge my drill first. doh!


It was quite simple, so I’m not sure why I was so scared to do it. I had to drill a new hole because my old faucet had two holes where the faucet handles were. I borrowed a cut saw and other than that it’s basic tools; a couple of wrenches, a screwdriver, some plumbers putty and tape and a light source.

If you need a new faucet, tackle the job yourself, it’s pretty easy.


A pinteresting day

I’m bored today. I have a whole bunch of things that I should be doing, but I can’t seem to commit to any one thing.  There have been a few things that I found on Pinterest that I thought would be fun to do.

I used a cork fitted with large paperclips to display some photos in candleholders.  That was easy.DSC09375

I also found a pin that gave instructions on how to make bookmarks from scraps of fabric. I don’t have lots of cute fabric, so mine may read a little dull, but they turned out ok. My method differed in that I used plastic in the middle and sewed them together using the zipper foot.


Back to reality; must get the grocery shopping done.   Have a great week.


Velvet pumpkins

I have been smitten with the fabulous velvet pumpkins that I have seen.  I made these for my BFF (hopefully she is busy in the kitchen and not on her ipad reading this!) as a thank you for hosting Thanksgiving dinner at her home today.

Happy thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! We have so much to be thankful for!

velvet pumpkins at www.junkinjunky.blogspot.com

velvet pumpkins at www.junkinjunky.blogspot.com


Updated teen bedroom

I know that it wasn’t too long ago that I did my daughters tiny bedroom, but she asked for another book case in her room, and therefore I had to rearrange it to fit, and that led to another thing and so on and so on and so on…  We all know how that goes.

tween bedroom update at www.junkinjunky.blogspot.com

tween bedroom update at www.junkinjunky.blogspot.com

The last time I did her room, I had her stamp of approval, but this time I wanted her to decide on how it should look. She dog sat our neighbours dog for a week and earned the money to buy new bedding. From that she decided that the walls should be white and the accent colour orange. 

Painting over the black stripes was a nightmare!  Many coats of primer and paint later, I finally got it covered. Here is how it used to look, which I loved. But it’s not my room :(


I plucked the gingerbread corbels from the front of my house to use to make her a laptop desk.  The stool was picked out of the garbage at work, I just removed the back of it so that it didn’t take up too much visual space.
The bookcases we already had; they are Markor bookcases from Ikea and to my mind, were the best bookcases they ever made.

tween bedroom update at www.junkinjunky.blogspot.com

There is still lots of space for more books. She doesn’t have a dresser in here, but I have added shelves to her closet, which once it’s painted I will show you. 

All we have left to purchase is a carpet, or maybe I will reuse her old floor cloth and make something else with it.

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