Easy and cheap festive decor

 I’m going to show you how to make simple balloon clusters.

make your own balloon clusters at JunkinJunky.blogspot.com

It’s a very inexpensive way to decorate for festive occasions and the supplies can be bought at the dollar store.

You will need balloons, cable ties and a balloon pump, or blow them up by mouth.


For each cluster you need 12 balloons, no more and no less, otherwise it won’t be round.  For the larger clusters I used 9” balloons with a large cable tie and for the smaller clusters I used 5” balloons with small cable ties.
One of the secrets to getting a professional looking balloon ball is to inflate your balloons correctly.
Blow up your balloon larger than it will eventually be, so that it looks like a pear (don’t tie it off yet)


Release some of the air from the balloon so that it starts to take a rounded shape, like this


Now you can tie the nozzle.  Inflate the other 11 balloons and try to get them all the same size, just eyeball it, it will be good enough.

It’s time to start putting the cluster together. Using your cable tie, push it through the nozzle of each balloon, piercing the latex.


keep going until you have all 12 balloons on the cable tie. Next you will close up the cable tie, as tight as it will go, this will form a rounded cluster.


Make as many as you like and hang them up with clear string.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

I apologize for the crappy photos, I only had one hand free.

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Beautifully graphic peacocks


I recently replaced my dinnerware and have several white plates that I knew I would find something to do with.

While searching the internet today, I came across the graphic peacock image, which totally inspired me.

I traced it out using SCAL then cut it out on my cricut.  Of course, one wasn’t enough, so I made two more.

The beauty of using vinyl is that it is not permanent, which suits me fine as I change my mind quickly :)


Anyone interested in the scut file, let me know as I love to share.

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cupcake liner hanging light


I picked up this lighted paper lantern at the GW today for a couple of bucks. I stopped at Michaels to pick up a couple of packages of mini cup cake liners.

I am making this for two little girls, so I wanted to keep the colours fun.

Other than hot glue and white glue, I didn’t know what to use to prevent the glue from showing through the paper. Totally by fluke, I used Aleene’s OK To Wash-It and you can’t see the glue through the paper!


Mostly done


And done, in about 40 minutes


150 2 Fab Friday #40


Stencilled lamp shades

DSCN0871-1 DSCN0876-1

Jen at Tatertots & Jello shared the most delicious tutorial on stencilled damask lampshades today. Rush over to see how incredibly gorgeous it is.

Inspired, I set out to try it for myself.

I cut out this flower stencil, used the tulip paint that Jen used and set to work.



I followed Jen’s instructions to make the paint look more dimensional, but it didn’t work for me (and I paid $10 a bottle for the paint, rats).  Maybe I didn’t put the paint on thick enough?
Anyway, they turned out great otherwise and I love how they have made the lamps look like new.

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Trying my hand at stencilling


A while back I picked up this screen panel at the dollar store. It’s not meant to be a stencil, but I liked the pattern. Besides, for a dollar, I couldn’t go wrong.


I’ve never stencilled so I decided to try it out somewhere that is not seen a lot. This is the wall that you face as you walk down the stairs to my craft room.  It’s not perfect and it doesn’t have a repeat, so I did the best I could with what I had.

The colour I used is weimaraner, by BM.  I love it! And because it's not perfect, it looks authentically old in a Moroccan way :)


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CSN stores giveaway winner

Thanks to all that entered.
The winner of the $25.00 gift code is # 5, Bambi. Congrats!
random number Bambi
Bambi, you didn’t leave your email address. I can't find the comment box on your blog, the background is making it impossible to find.  Please email me so I can get the info to you.


Paper flower topiary

I decided to get crafty today and created this paper flower topiary.  I’ve seen these around and thought that it was simple enough for even me to do it.
I used a large styrofoam ball, about 8” wide. I cut out two sizes of flowers, a larger flower in blue and a smaller flower in white.
To save some time, I placed a stack of 4 or 5 together and then bent the petals up.
I didn’t have just one colour of pins, so I used what I had, multi-coloured.  Place the styrofoam in a can or something similar to keep it steady while inserting the pins.

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My niece and her girls

I took a van full of goodies to my niece and her girls today. Their home is still pretty empty, but I have had some offers of items that will be put to good use, to help make her house a home.

The girls are adorable, as you can see for yourself. The elder of the two never stops talking and the younger never gets a word in edgewise :)

DSCN0817-1 DSCN0807-1

I got there bright and early and they were all still in their jammies :)


Name art for my great nieces

ava and trinity 2
ava and trinity
Tomorrow is the day that I am going to visit my niece to bring her some needed household stuff, lots of it :)
I wanted to make something for her two little munchkins to hang in their bedroom.
I picked out paper to match the ribbon that I put around the frames. I used a bold and simple font since they are really young (3 and 1). 
I’m looking forward to seeing all of them. You forget how adorable little people are when you are not around them much.

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New lamps and a CSN Stores giveaway

When I stole bought my new to me set of nesting tables from Kijiji (which is like Craigslist), the lamps that I had were just a tad too big. 
At Christmas I had received a gift certificate from a dear friend and I knew that this was the perfect time to use it.
I’ve loved the look of the sphere based lamps for a long time, but I didn’t want glass that were so prevalent.  Bingo, I found exactly what I wanted, at a good price and are the right size for the space I wanted them for.
lamp1 lamp2
Do you need new table lamps? CSN Stores has graciously offered a $25.00 gift certificate to their stores for one of my followers.
Take a look at the table lamps for all of the eye candy and perhaps the $25.00 will help towards a new table lamp for you, or anything else offered by their many stores.
How to win?  Easy, become a follower of this here blog and leave a comment. If you already are a follower, let me know in the comments.  If you don’t have an email account attached to your profile, be sure to leave your email address.
I will randomly choose a winner on Friday March 18th.  Good luck!
This giveaway is open to Canadian and U.S. residents only. Shipping, taxes and any other costs associated with your purchase are your sole responsibility.


Spring in my bedroom


While out shopping with my BFF today, we stopped in at Urban Barn.  Of course we both gravitated to the clearance section. I found this beautiful king size duvet with matching shams for $49.! It was a deal too good to pass up. I love all of the embroidered greenery.

I removed the fabric from my last headboard in it’s previous incarnation, to reveal the honeysuckle pink once again.

It’s so refreshing and spring like and I can’t wait to lay my head down tonight.

I moved the round mirror that previously was on the wall and replaced it with my butterfly specimen art that I  made last year.

Here is how it looked

A quick but impactful change.

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A scarf from a t-shirt

Can you believe that this was made from a t-shirt?  In 15 minutes!
Excuse the Saturday lounging around the house garb, and the blurry photo :)
I raided my sons t-shirt drawer and although this isn’t the greatest colour, it still looks great!
Head on over to Tidy Mom for all the instructions.

Family name on a frame

I made this for a friend last night, very last minute before going to celebrate his birthday. I’m sorry that I don’t have a photo of it before I wrapped the cord around it, but I was pressed for time :)
He is a sentimental kind of guy and was really touched when I gave it to him. 
Normally I make these on wood, but this time I lined the frame with white paper and put the vinyl directly on the glass.  I used the year that he and his wife got married.

Roman shade from mini blind

DSCN0706 DSCN0707
A $2. mini blind and a piece of fabric, and I was able to put the final touch on my powder room. The fabric goes perfectly with the framed “P”. 
Working with a horizontal pattern meant I had to be very specific on where I glued the slats, otherwise it would have hung crooked. I didn’t have any fabri tac, so I used hot glue, I sure hope I don’t find this in a pile on the floor in a few days time.


New (to me) kitchen table

I found this set on Kijiji the other day and picked it up tonight after work.
It is an older set but in great condition, from the Martha Stewart line. I like the backs of the chairs.
It also came with a table and hutch, but I don’t have any use for it, so it will go back on Kijiji.
Here is the ad
The thing is, it’s not quite my style.  I adore country chic or whatever you want to call it, but only in small doses for my own home.  Therefore, I’ve come up with a plan, ha ha, of course I can’t leave anything alone.
The entire set was only $200.  Steal!
My plan is to paint it and upholster the backs of the chairs, but leaving the design exposed. The table top and seats will get a darker stain. 
Here is my inspiration
What do you think, painted, or leave it white and darken the table top and chairs pads?


7 things about me

stylish blogger award
My dear friends, thank you so much for this award. I have been reluctant to accept because I am not very good at speaking about myself. In true Canadian fashion, I am somewhat modest :)
So, if any of you care enough to read on, here are 7 things about me that you may not know.
1. I am a homebody.  After working all day, I love coming home. I often don’t answer the phone. My friends don’t usually just come over. They know that I love my alone time and have learned to love me with my quirkiness.
2. If I could do any job in the world, it would be decorating homes for marginalized people. People that often don’t have the resources to make their homes comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.  I am currently helping out a young mum with two wee girls. She needs everything and I’m scraping together bits and pieces here and there. After I get her the necessities, I want to create a great bedroom, just for her. She is the sweetest girl and a great mum to her little one’s. She tries her best every day. She is my niece.
3. I don’t like to cook
4. I love making things with balloons and I love face painting. I can be found twisting and painting at parties in the greater Toronto area. It has taken a back seat to my love of decorating and crafting, but it is still a true passion of mine. I hope to revive my business this coming summer.
5. I grew up in the projects. Yes, we have them here in Canada :)  I couldn’t wait for the day when I could kiss it goodbye. I have created a life for myself far removed from how I grew up and I am thankful for it.
6. I would love to spend another day with my maternal Grandmother. She loved me like no one else did, encouraged me and saw potential that others did not. She was beautiful. She loved to sing, but honestly, she wasn’t very good at it. LOL. I never told her that.
7. When I retire, I hope to move somewhere warm for 6 months of the year. I absolutely hate the cold.  Unfortunately, retirement is still a long way off.
So there you go. Not very interesting, but it’s me. 
I pass this on to all of the warm and wonderful blog friends I have met over the last year.  No pressure, but if you do decide to write about yourself, be sure to let me know.


zebra coasters

I picked up a box of coasters at the thrift store for a couple of bucks. I want no reminders of the snowfall we had last night, so the snowflakes had to go.
I spray painted them while the sun was shining, then cut out a zebra pattern in vinyl.
I’m going to keep a few for myself and the other four are wrapped up and put in my stash for a last minute gift.

Looking forward to spring

While searching Kijiji I came across this outdoor dining set for $99.00. I practically ran to pick it up :)  It’s a little rusted but it will get a fresh coat of black when the spring finally reaches us. The owners originally purchased it at Restoration Hardware, many years ago.
Did I mention how envious I am of those who have their spring flowers poking up?  Well, I am.
Last year I had my patio restoned and this year I am going to be focusing on creating an oasis there.  I have big plans.  I will be making some large planter boxes which will get some nice evergreens. I’m going to plant ivy to try to cover up my fence. This is a new venture for me as I don’t know much about plants, but I’ll learn.
Here’s a reminder of how it looked after I had new patio stones laid.DSCN2942
I stopped off at the fabric store today and found some great outdoor fabric to recover this set and make some cushions for the new table and chair set. There was a sale on!  $6.00 / meter (or $5.50 / yard)! 
I will start making the cushion covers as soon as the snow melts, which at this rate could be June :)