Wedding sign diy


A few months ago I had pinned a fabulous sign tutorial by Liz at Love Grows Wild, and hoped that one day I could make one. I finally had an opportunity to make one for my son’s friends, who recently got married.  Please go and visit Liz at Love Grows Wild for the full tutorial! Like Liz, I used vinyl rather than painting it, which would have taken forever.

I sped this one along as I wanted it done quickly, so I used my hairdryer between coats of paint and I was done in no time flat, one hour tops. I used the paint that I painted my kitchen with, which is such a fantastic blue. The can is almost finished, so I may have to get more.

For those that would like to duplicate it, the fonts I used are:

Family name and date is DaunPenh which can be found here

Wording is Callie Hand which can be found here



Dollar Store Craft–updated frames

I bought these frames from the dollar store for $3 each, not sure why it’s called a dollar store when it’s more than one dollar…anyway :)

I painted them with a brush first and I have to tell you, I am confident that I’m the worst painter ever! So I spray painted them and they still aren’t perfect but they are good enough for me. The corner pieces came in a pack of 4.



I am working on updating my spare bedroom, with things that I already have in the house so that it doesn’t cost me any money. It is satisfying to make something out of nothing. I definitely need a rug and that will be a diy coming up soon.


That’s the weekend done, back to the grind. Wishing you all a wonderful week.


Faux bamboo side table score

Please tell me you are not tired of seeing my thrifty finds, especially when it comes to faux bamboo?!  Oh my goodness, this piece melts my heart.


I don’t know a lot about this type of furniture, only that I adore it. This piece is quite unusual and I’ve searched online to find something like it, but cannot. I guess it’s for books, but wouldn’t it be fabulous in a luxury master bath for holding towels?


It’s in great shape with a few nicks to the wood, but it’s mostly intact. The dividers are all carved and gorgeous.


The family I bought it from said that they used it for cutlery and napkins when they were entertaining.


As a beside table it would also be fabulous, with lots of room for your books and magazines.
Have you ever seen a table like this? I have emailed Beth at Chinoiserie Chic to see if she has ever seen anything like it. If anyone knows, she will; If I were an idolizing type of person, she would be the one ;)  UPDATE: I guess Beth is a busy woman, because I've never heard back from her :(


Traditional Chinoiserie

I went out on a limb this time and went for a traditional Chinese look for the two remaining chairs and side table that I recently bought.


With some convincing from my BFF and inspired by Waverly’s new line of Chinoiserie fabrics, purchased at Tonic Living, I chose black and red lacquer.


I kicked the chairs up a notch by adding old gold rub n’buff to the crevices, but maintained some constraint on the table, it would have been a little overboard (according to my daughter LOL).


The set is up for sale as it doesn’t fit into my house either in style or in the space to keep it. If you are local to Toronto and are interested, let me know. (SOLD)

And of course, I have to have a before and after. Quite a difference and saved from a life of banality :)


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Oh how I wish that everyone that leaves comments would check to ensure that they have an email address attached to whatever account they use.

I feel awful when someone leaves me a question and I can’t respond to them. Honestly, I’m a nice person and I’m not ignoring you.

So here is my public thank you for taking the time to comment. If you still have a question that you would like answered, please send me another message and ensure that you are NOT a noreply-comment@blogger.com

And don’t feel bad, I did the same thing when I started out Smile


Updated faux bamboo barrel chair

The weather cooperated with me today, despite some rain earlier today. I completed one of the three chairs that I picked up this weekend.

faux bamboo barrel chair

I hand painted the primer on because I’m still too chicken to put an oil based paint in my hvlp sprayer. I did however use the sprayer for the white final finish. Talk about making life easier.

I bought the fabric from Tonic Living a while ago, but didn’t use it as planned.  I went to Canadian Tire and bought a foam camping mat that measure 2” x 24” x 72”, plenty for several chair seats and a bargain at $21. I used the existing seat bottom which was only nailed in. At one point these chairs had cane seats.

There was still a small gap between the covered seat base and the rim of the chair, so I made some trim out of the same fabric. Once I had the seat covered with foam, batting and fabric, I simply stapled the trim onto that.

faux bamboo barrel chair

It covered the gap perfectly and is a nice and snug fit.

faux bamboo barrel chair

faux bamboo barrel chair

I am learning not to be afraid of my spray gun and for the next two chairs I will use it, for sure! What a time saver and the finish is amazing.

faux bamboo barrel chair

I love Labour Day! I hope you are enjoying yours.

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Faux Bamboo barrel chairs

I have sold all of my faux bamboo Chippendale chairs and made enough to pay 3/4 of the cost of my new fridge!  Moving on, I found a set of 3 faux bamboo barrel chairs for $30 each.

I think the fabric is original and the owners said that they bought them in the early 70’s, one for each of their sons. I get the heeby jeebys thinking about these chairs sitting in each of their bedrooms throughout their teens. LOL. The finish is worn and there are small imperfections to the caning, but they are sturdy and definitely worthy of an update. I was able to find a stamp on the bottom of one of the chairs that said, Made in Italy. The following pictures are from the posting on Kijii.

faux bamboo barrel chairs



I started searching to find similar chairs and was able to find quite a few examples of refurbished chairs.

I really like these ones, but finishing the sides as well as the seat is a little too ambitious for me.



If the finish on my chairs wasn’t in such rough shape, I would have liked to leave them in their natural state. Oh well.



So that’s what I am working on right now. I am going to start with one and see how it goes. I am using fabric that I already bought and didn’t use as planned, so that will save me some money. I hope to be able to reveal the chair on Monday, it depends on if the weather cooperates or not.

I’m going to the Drive-In tonight with my kids, so I have to get a nap in later this afternoon; does anyone else love naps?

Happy Labour Day!