Patio stones done

It’s been a couple of months, but I finally had the patio stones laid today.
Because I don’t have water access back here, I decided to fill the whole space with patio stones.  I now have more usable space, the bbq is close to the door and I will get to work next spring sprucing it up.
I would have liked to do interlock, but because of budget restraints, LOL, I chose to use the 30 x 24 pavers. My friend that laid them for me was none to happy with me; these suckers are heavy and difficult to level.
I’m so pleased to have it done and it now feels like an extension of my home, rather than a dark hole.

Pretty paper covered books

While looking for something crafty to do this morning, I went to Brown Paper Packages fabulous site and found a great tutorial on covering books, very easily, and I am all about the easy :)
I thought I was clever when I covered my books with craft paper, but they were a little boring.
I used scrap book paper that I already had, two way glue because I didn’t have two way tape, some gold distressing ink and ta da, much prettier and they inject some needed colour.
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empty picture frame gallery

I finally got around to completing this gallery wall. Most of the frames were given to me, some of them are the moulding that I bought at the Goodwill and the two oval one’s are also from the Goodwill.
002 I also sprayed the lamp glossy black and added grosgrain ribbon. The white was just too dull.
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quatrefoil discovered

Who knew?  Do you remember this cabinet that I bought for $10. I thought that I had investigated it inside and out, but apparently, I missed this on the inside doors, engraved into the wood…oh my ;)


Freezer Paper pillow, again

This is it for today. I really have to get my housework done :)
Some have asked for a tutorial, but honestly, it’s so easy and there are so many tutes out there.
Again, I used my Cricut, Sure Cuts A Lot software, thrifted drop cloth fabric, paint and an existing pillow form.  Cost, nothing, gotta love that.
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Love, subway art

I started out using an old sign and freezer paper to create this, but it was an epic fail. I ironed the paper on too much and it stuck, then I overloaded my brush with paint and it bled through. 
So, version two.
I used an already owned canvas, some yellow vinyl and some free paint from the recycle centre. Normally the vinyl will be peeled off, but I am lovin’ the yellow and gray together.
Let me know if you can get this Captain and Tenille song out of your head, ‘cause I can’t :)

I Changed my mind about the yellow and took the vinyl letters off, and I like it better.

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Almost free

I have to tell you about my cubby/bookcase update.
This is the cubby that I got from the front of my neighbours house for free.  I purchased some crown molding on sale for $15, which I glued on and the two X end pieces were $5 each. Total for this piece was $25.00!
I haven’t yet decided on what I want to do with the backing and the canvases on top of it are going to a new home (someone actually wanted them and paid me for them, does that mean I’ve sold my first piece? lol).
Every thing in/on it were thrift store finds other than the vase on the 2nd shelf, which my grandmother made.
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Crushed velvet, drop cloth and freezer paper

I searched for a long time for some freezer paper and I’m happy to report that I finally found some!
While junking this past week I found a huge drop cloth that someone attempted to create a slip cover out of, without success.  With my cricut and sure cuts a lot software, I created this coral and stencilled on to the drop cloth fabric with the freezer paper. This stuff is genius :)
I also found this H U G E dress made from a gorgeous gray crushed velvet.
My daughter asked me to make some cushions for her bed. One down, a few more to go.
Now I’m thinking of all the ways I can use the freezer paper, I’m in love with this stuff.
Anyone interested in having the .scut coral file, just let me know.

Stephanie Lynn is hosting the Sunday Showcase party. There are lots of great project this week.

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A thrifty gift and a thrifty find

I have been junkin’ a bit this week but have mostly been on the hunt for clothing. I will spare you the details.
I made this for a friends wedding this weekend.  I remember seeing this idea somewhere, but I didn’t save the link, only the idea. If you know who posted this idea, please let me know so I can give them credit.
I found this beautiful linen tablecloth for $4.00.  I don’t have anything inspiring to do with it yet, but it has a place in my future.
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It was a lot of work

Here are some night shots. The lighter of the two colours is an ICI colour named Stone Harbour, a very soft grey with beigey undertones (greige).  The darker colour is Ashpalt by Benjamin Moore, which was free from the recycle centre.  I refuse to pay a fortune for paint, my bff swears by Color Place paint at Wally world. She has been using it since she moved to South Carolina and trust me when I say, she knows about paint. I used it and it was FANTASTIC!  No drips, no splatter, covered like butter.  I put it on good and well and only did one coat. I know you are supposed to do two, but I’m tellin’ ya, if you paint well, you can get away with one. I used an eggshell finish.
Here are the two colours, side by side.


These curtains were dirt cheap at Ikea and I still love them, actually I love them more now. They remind me of a forest of white birch bark trees ( I know, I’m weird)
Now that my tv doesn’t allow viewing from both sofa’s, I had to come up with a way to have it swivel. I bought a wooden lazy susan from the thrift store for $3, sprayed it (didn’t do a very good job of it) and put the tv on it, now it swivels ;)

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Junkin’ finds Aug. 7

The neighbour a couple of doors down threw these away.
There is actually an entire table set with five chairs, but I only want the legs from the table.
Why would anyone throw this away?  I have big plans for it, big plans, I tell you :)
I picked up a few things at garage sales this morning:
3 books for my daughter and a Billie Holiday CD for $1.75
Two brand new in the boxes X cubes for $10.00
And two brand new flameless candle wall sconces for $10.00
I had the day off yesterday and worked from 8 am to 8pm on painting my 15 ft walls in the living room. I’ll show them off later.
I hope everyone finds some amazing deals today
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Panel moulding added

I added three of the mouldings that I thrifted on the weekend to the cabinet ends. $6.44 to add some detail, not a bad deal :)


Junkin’ finds August 1

The organizer box that I made out of cereal boxes was ok
but this one for $3.00 is much nicer, and roomier
A couple of magazine holders to help keep me organized, for a dollar
Decorative panel moulding for $20! I can’t buy one of the larger ones for less than $20.
4 x 18x23
3 x 14x23
2 x 7x23
The find that I am most excited about is this vintage ironing board for $10. I don’t know if it’s old or if it’s a reproduction. And the little birdie was 99 cents.
The iron work and screws seem to suggest it’s older, but I know that they can also be reproduced. Who cares, I love it.
Lately as I purchase new items and change my place slowly, I’ve noticed that my decor direction is changing. I am really enjoying older/aged items paired with contemporary items. Hmmm…enjoying the journey and I look forward to where it takes me.

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