Halloween Gallery Wall

I decided to get started on the Halloween decorating and figured my empty frame gallery wall was the perfect spot.
I cut all of the images out with my Cricut on black scrap paper and yellow vinyl for the eyes.
It was a lot of fun putting it together.
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I just love when everything comes together

Sometimes I have a vision. Despite the best made plans, my vision doesn’t often come together, but this time, it did!
Earlier I posted about a table that I had found that I loved, but it didn’t have any chairs. So, I found another table with 6 chairs, but I wasn’t in love with the table.
Cue Hallelujah!
I painted the table a dark gray from the Behr Premium Plus line named Pencil Point (and it was free at the recycle centre).  The chairs were spray painted with a flat white then lightly distressed.
My old coffee table turned bench was a little too large to fit under the table so I cut the top down and it now fits perfectly.
The bench is the first thing you see as you come up the stairs to the dining room, so I wanted something that wasn’t going to block the view. Success!
The cushions are made from placemats that I did a while ago. The seat and bench cover are a curtain that I picked up at the GW for $3.00, originally from Ikea. I was happy to be able to incorporate some of the green that I have throughout the rest of my living space.
Just as Sunny predicted, I found a fabulous drum shade at the GW Boutique for $6.99, but I wasn’t so in love with the fabric. I took a piece of black fabric and sewed together a slip cover. Now my little gifted chandy looks so elegant and grown up.
And now for your viewing pleasure, I present my dining room :)
I decided to set my table and realized that I have no clue how to set one up. It’s not something that I’ve paid much attention to so I had to go searching online for some clues :)  Whateva, it will do.


005 Of course you know, that in about 3.9 days, it will change again, in some way.
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Faking a fireplace mantle

I don’t have a fireplace in my living room, although I do have one in the basement.
I used my cubby bookcase as one instead.
Improvise and use what you got :) I’m still working on what to do with the cubbys.
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I cut these rats out and plan to have them all over the stairs, I have a lot of stairs
I’m going to a friends for dinner tonight.  I used the velvet fabric from the thrifted dress that I bought a few weeks ago to make a wine bottle cover.


Coffee table talk

Someone had a party.

I picked up this table from a seller on Kijiji for $60. It was love at first sight and in pristine condition.
junkin 009
It is a beautiful creamy white, solid wood with a very slight amount of distressing.
There is a band of carved wood under the lip (sorry, crappy camera)
It is large too, it most definitely can be used as a dining table if the base were taller.
(I probably should have vacuumed first :)
My tastes change pretty quickly, but this table has been with me for some time now, and I don’t anticipate it leaving any time soon.


Word Blocks - Halloween

I wanted to try the seasonal word blocks project that I found at Little Birdie Secrets for some time. 
I used what I had around the house. My blocks are made from 2 x 2’s and I would have preferred a 4 x4 , but whatever :)  Everything is closed today, so use what you have.
Now I have blocks for every occasion.
Next time I will use a beefier font as well as beefier wood. Lessons learned :)  Since they are pretty small, I created a shelf for them to sit on, made out of a 2 x 4 and a 1 x 2.
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A quick update to my bedroom

I redid my bedroom several months back
Here is a refresher:
Before the last update
bedroom makeover 003_thumb[3]

Yesterday I found this fabulous fabric at the GW for $15, reams of it.
So I got to work this morning, updating my bedroom.
It’s not a very big space and there is a king sized bed, so floor space is at a premium.
I recovered the canvases, created a slip cover for the ottoman, added pink ribbon to the lamp shades, brought in the dresser that I updated last month and added a green cushion. The only thing that I bought new (to me) is the fabric.
Does anyone know which way is up on this fabric?
The only other thing I would like to add is an area rug. I don’t like a fussy room, preferring to keep things uncluttered, so you won’t see a lot of accessories :)
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Lamp makeover

Brassy before but I really like the shape of it.
I picked up the shade today from a dreadfully ugly lamp at GW. The fabric is an old top that I no longer wear, but I do like the pattern of it; so don’t throw away those old clothes :)


Love this

Yesterday the kids and I went to a donkey sanctuary.  I snapped quite a few pictures, but they were mostly of the kids and their eyelashes aren’t nearly as long as this Jenny's are.donkey eye