Learning more about this side table

Remember this side table that I purchased this summer for $10.00? I absolutely adore it.
Well, I started investigating what it is and it’s origins and have been able to come up with some information.
This is probably from the 1930’s, Italian florentine gilt painted.  I have been able to find a very similar table at the bella cottage for, get ready for it… $1,095.00! My table is actually a little larger. 
Here is another piece that I found at Ruby Lane. This one has the same quatrefoil pattern on the inside as mine does.
This may be the find with the greatest resale value yet. Not that I will be rich any time soon, but my investment of $10 was a good one.
What have you found for a steal and later found out it’s value is much more than you imagined?


Face painting for Halloween

My daughter is going to a friends Halloween party tonight, and since her wolf costume is not quite complete, she will be going as a fairy.
She is wearing black wings with sparkles and gray, black and red clothing. I painted her face to match.
She’s not a grumpy gal, she just doesn’t like to have her picture taken.
There are some great costumes posted at Mad in Crafts which I’m linking up to.

fall decorating

This is it. Pop some mini pumpkins in a couple of thrifted candlesticks (oops, I still have the price tag on one) and call ‘er done.
Seriously, where do you people find the time and energy? I wish I had just a few more hours in a day. Ah well, lots of time when I’m retired, in about 30 years from now.

Getting a start on Christmas

Using my free burlap (yes, again lol) I created a stocking for my daughter. The top is drop cloth and then I added her name to it with freezer paper.
I created two more of the bags for friends, and this time I got the lining right :)


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Get your craft on Thurs.


Saturday Night Special at Funky Junk Interiors


Burlap coffee sack, again

Maybe it’s because I'm cheap frugal, but I am trying to come up with more ideas for the free burlap coffee sacks.
Tonight I decided to make a carry all, lined bag.
I’ve never made one before and I am a very basic sewer. I followed the directions I found at Craftastical.com, and they are excellent.  But me, being me, didn’t pay enough attention and the lining is the wrong side in (or is that out? ha ha).
Fortunately other than the seams showing, it still looks ok.  Besides, who is going to be looking inside my bag? :)
It’s nice and roomy and I’m sure I could fit an entire village in there :)  Ok, slight exaggeration.
Julie at Frugal Fabulous Design  took pity  was kind enough to feature my cushion at her Fab Friday Blog Party. Thanks Julie
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Burlap and special cushions

Here is another coffee sack cushion, made from the same bag as the last one.

Linking up to Robin's Upcycle Party at The T-Shirt Diaries.

These next two cushions may seem ordinary, but to my friends, they are something special.
Both of them lost their fathers and miss them terribly.
I took a shirt that each of their fathers owned and turned them into cushions. I will be bringing them to their new home tonight, at their house warming party.
Obviously each man had very different style sensibilities :)


Coffee bean sack cushion

I’ve put to use, my free coffee grain sacks that I posted about earlier, here.
I picked up this down filled cushion this past week for $4. It was the perfect width to use the coffee bean sack as is, without cutting off the binding on the sides.
I used jute to close the top, mimicking the sides. I have no idea what type of needle this is, or even where I got it, but it worked like a charm.
One thing I found out is that the burlap frays easily. I solved that by running a very fine stitch, close to the edge , then used the jute to sew it closed by hand.
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Dollar store halloween craft

Jess at Frugal With A Flourish made the cutest scariest dollar store wreath, and encouraged me to make one with my limited skills :)
It looks better in person, honestly :)


Creating a craft room, or how I plan on getting organized

Even though football is taking up way too much of my time, when I do get a moment to do something crafty, I panic.
My basement was reorganized a few months ago to help me get organized, but it didn’t work out as planned. Because I didn’t have great storage, after I finished a project, I didn’t know where to put my fabric/tools/paper/scissors, etc. 
I plan on fixing that.  Today I installed an L-shaped craft desk.  It will be trimmed out and painted, baskets added to house all of my “stuff”, shelves installed with more storage. My hope is that there is a place for everything and everything in it’s place.
And lest you think that I’m the only one in this house that likes to create, I am going to show you what my daughter (she is 12) has been working on. This is part of her Halloween costume. It’s a wolf head that she puts on over her head. She paid for the materials herself and other than some guidance, has done everything herself.
She still has the eyes to do and a few touch ups on the mouth. I’m very proud of her effort.