Vintage La Barge brass and glass table

Finding great vintage pieces always gives me a thrill. This La Barge coffee table is no exception.


I played around with the idea of cleaning the brass, but after two attempts at home made recipes, I gave up. I realized that it would take more effort than I am willing to put into it, so the patina stays :)  I did give it a good cleaning with warm soapy water, and it made a difference.


Are the hoof feet charming and unique or just creepy? I can’t decide.

When I picked it up, the lady that was selling it realized that she had priced it way lower than she could have got, but was good enough to honour her listed price; otherwise I would have been one ticked off woman.


The glass table top is in pristine condition, which considering that it’s probably from the 60’s is pretty good. The family obviously took good care of it.

And did you notice my carpet? Its the same one, I just got the genius idea to flip it over. Ok, so maybe not genius, but it’s subtler this way and cheaper than buying a new carpet.

I looked around online and found the sale price from $500 to $2400. Mine is for sale and I wonder what this market will handle. I have a couple of designers (one of them works with THE Sarah Richardson) that I have been selling items to this past year, so it will definitely get passed by them first.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to set your clocks back tonight before you go to bed.


  1. Wow! great find Mel :D whoot whoot!

  2. oh you find the best stuff!! i love it!

  3. It was genius to flip the rug! How cool about the designer that works with Sarah R! Those feet are charming, unique AND creepy!! Room looks great!

  4. You do find the most amazing things! not fussy about the hoof feet though... great idea to flip the rug, too!

    Happy Sunday! I got a new kitty - he's a holy terror LOL!

  5. Oh, I love that table, feet and all, how cute! I was going to compliment you on the rug and then I read that you just flip it over?! Ha, how ingenious! it looks so stylish ;)

  6. GAHHHH. I LOVE that table! I love everything, especially the hoof feet!! Why can't I find this exact thing near me? I've been looking for something like it forEVER. Great find!

  7. great find - I like the feet - that's what makes the piece!

  8. I think the little feetsies are charming, but I am weird and like things that are unique :)


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