Thrifty finds–oops I did it again

I found another set of 6 faux bamboo Chippendale chairs! I’ve had 8 so far and haven’t kept any of them. Likewise, these too are currently up for sale and the funds will go towards my Christmas shopping.


I also found this humungo mirror, which will get some gold trim and be placed above my fireplace. Eight bucks! Seriously. It’s solid wood and quite large.



My first entertainment event of the season is tomorrow, then two more weekends of events before I can relax and prepare for my own Christmas. I may have to haul out some of the decorations soon, I’m itching to decorate my mantel.

Happy weekend all.


  1. I can't believe how many of these you've found!

  2. Those chairs are fab! So cool to sell them for cashola! That mirror will be awesome over your fireplace. I need to start decorating too...just getting through Thanksgiving!

  3. Gorgeous chairs and mirror~ I would love to find a set of chairs like this, I keep trolling Craigslist, the thrifts and even the driveways of the local citizens (Garage Sales). Like anything else I am positive I will find some when the time is right. For now I have a set of four cane back chairs that need a whole lot of TLC. I am thinking a dove grey and some gorgeous fabric for the seats. Sorry to hear you are leaving your blog, but hope you will keep me posted now and again on how you are doing. Just an aside...I don't blog any longer, but I do use Flickr to post pictures and such of my life and finds. Hope your holidays are merry and bright.


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