My recent thrifty finds

I haven’t shown you my thrifty finds recently. So here we go…

I bought this for $50 with the intention of restaining the top and painting the bottom, to match my coffee table, but it’s just going to be too much work. I’m reselling it if anyone local is interested.


Two of these lampshades for $6 each, with the price tags still on them. I thought they were a nice change from my drum shades. The lining is made of gold fabric, quite pretty with the light on.


This Bombay Co mantle clock is in perfect condition and only $10.


Have you found any good “junk” lately?


  1. OOOHHHH I love all three! Lucky duck!

  2. Wish I was closer...love that cabinet!

  3. Fantastic! Drooling over the cabinet!

  4. I love that buffet!! Those lampshade will look great on your head after a party! :) kidding!!! They are so classy as is it the Bombay clock! I love my thrifted Bombay clock but I haven't hung it up yet.

  5. so love the lamp shades :) and the other stuff as well. It is a good day when you find awesome stuff

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