Taming the chaos

I’ve reorganized, cleaned, purged and rethunk my craft room, yet again :)

There is no one else to blame except me; I am a messy crafter and I’m not very well organized. I find it difficult to put like items together and put stuff away after I use it. So here I am trying once again to get it under control. It gets so messy that I dread going to this room, and that’s not a good thing :(

My friend gave me a Rubbermaid closet system when she replaced it with Pax wardrobes (I know, lucky me). I only used about half of the system and came up with some organized storage.

DSC07626 Bins were purchased at the dollar store to contain like items together. Small pieces of fabric were folded and put on the shelf, larger pieces hung on hangers. Cushions and forms are in and on an old ottoman (yeah, it’s stuffed to the gills).

DSC07627 DSC07628 I saw this method of storing wrapping paper on Pinterest; genius!  Right now mine are hung with cord, but it will be replaced and I’ll create even more storage with bungee cords.

Next up, a high island tabletop for cutting fabric on. I’m getting too old to be on my hands and knees on the floor.

Once I get it functional, I will work on the aesthetics.

DSC07620  DSC07621


  1. Niiiice! I'm having a little organizational envy! :)

  2. HA! A kindred spirit - I am also a very messy crafter - pull out everything and put nothing away! I'm trying to be better so I don't have to stay away from the chaos.

    Love what you're doing! Great idea for wrapping paper storage - don't you just love Pinterest?

  3. I definitely understand! I am a messy crafter too!! Luckily (or maybe not) I moved my supplies to the garage, so it's not as obvious when my stuff is all over (which is almost always). :)

  4. looking awesome!! Way to really organize things, I have a tendency to make curtains and hide the stuff :D hahahahah

  5. I love your ideas for a craft/sewing room. I am constantly trying to find a better system for myself. What a great idea to label the bins and even better, hanging the large pieces of fabric! Thanks for sharing. -K


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