Dining room update

After the hours of work applying the horizontal stripes in my dining room, and living with those stripes for a year, they had to go. I never loved them and the room felt cold.

I spent the better part of today giving it an update.

I started by painting the ceiling. I measured 32” from the floor and painted the bottom wall white. I installed chair rail and painted the upper wall in BM asphalt. This is the same colour that is on my living room gallery wall. I’ve always liked it, so I figured go big :)


My fear was that it would look too dark, but I feel like it is just right for a dining room.


I’m now looking for two chairs to replace the white ones. I brought in my two antique chairs, but because the arms were high, they didn’t fit under the table. Easily solved by adding casters to the table legs.

Some daylight shots



Like any update, it’s never really done.
Maybe some picture frame moulding on the bottom?  Some more art?
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  1. I love the dark grey! It can be scary to go dark, but your dining room looks great :-) Also love your two black chairs and the chandelier. Now it's time to enjoy a dinner party :-)

  2. Wow, and you say I have a lot of energy, I only wish I had a fraction of yours! That dark color is absolutely fabulous, especially with the white lower walls and the white art canvases. It's very crisp and classy looking.

    The chairs that came with my dining room furniture are just like your white chairs with the cane backs and those little metal finials on the top corners. I wondered about painting them and I see yours are painted - I like it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. I like the dark walls. They create great mood and atmosphere in a dining room.
    Looks great

  4. Wow! I love your space it's modern and chic. I love your color and pattern choices, stop by for a blog visit I'm your newest follower!

  5. WOW! You have been busy!!! It's looking great, classy and beautiful. I am simply amazed.

  6. Classy :) Gosh, those black chairs are gorgeous! I like the picture frame moulding idea. Your such a busy beaver!

  7. Love those black chairs so much!!!



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