It only took 9 years – closet make over

Despite how hideous my bedroom closet was, I never felt compelled to make it over. More than likely it’s because I don’t put a lot of time and effort into how I dress. I am not a clothes horse and when something doesn’t fit or I don’t wear it, out it goes.

For my birthday last month, a friend had given me, amongst other things, a pretty storage box. Maybe it was a hint? LOL

Here it is mostly completed. I still have to get a better/bigger mirror, but I’ll probably concoct one myself.


It’s better than it was, let me show you

DSCN2577 DSCN2576

It had falling down wire shelving, a lovely barney the dinosaur wall and a bare light bulb.

I painted the walls a taupe colour that I picked up at the recycle center. I went to my back yard and took the brackets off of the fence and sprayed them in glossy black. I purchased a melamine shelf from Rona so that I didn’t have to paint a piece of wood, and placed it on the brackets.

I went back to Home Sense to see if I could find two more baskets like the one my girlfriend had given me, but there were none, so I bought two of these animal print ones.


My Ikea malm dresser was boring, so with my SCAL software I created the oval pattern. Being the thrifty gal that I am, I used shelf paper that I bought at the dollar store.


The mirrored jewellery box and the little white tray were both bought at the thrift store some time ago.


I had to come up with a way to cover the bald light bulb.  I already had a drum shade but had to figure out a way to suspend it. I used 4 cup hooks in the ceiling.


I attached wire to each of the arms of the drum shade and looped them around the hooks. Worked like a charm.
I did manage to whittle my wardrobe down a little more and I now have lots of room for more clothes.


Here is a glimpse of my split personality; my work clothes are plain and colourless, my clown clothes (in case you missed it, I am a professional clown) are so bright and cheerful. :0)

It’s not a very large closet so it was difficult to take photos. The only things I purchased were a roll of shelf liner for a dollar, two baskets for $25 and a shelf for $9. A $35 makeover.

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  1. OK - I'll be nice!! lol Love your brilliant idea to attach a shade to your light. So perfect & looks awesome.

  2. Wow! That's great -- and I ain't clownin' around (bet you never heard that one B4!) :)

  3. The drum shade makes a huge difference! And I love your shelf paper cutouts.

  4. Love the thrifty re-do, and like all really good ones, doesn't look like it was done on the cheap. But the idea of hanging a drum shade from cuphooks is brilliant! I've been wanting a drum shade in my living room (I have an ugly ceiling light that I want to hide). I had no idea how to hang the shade and now I do - thanks!!

  5. So when do we get to see you in the clown costume ehhh? LOL I love that dressor! I swear you have a midas touch for decorating! Looks good Mel, and you cant beat a $35 makeover!

  6. Well done!! I especially love the drum shade solution - so clever... really need to apply a little of this love to my own closet, which basks in all it's mango walled glory!!

  7. Ok, now shut the front door! I totally didn't hear you or believe you when you said you were a "real" clown. I want to see pictures. Totally makes sense with how you know how to make fun things out of balloons, duh!

    Love the drum shade and how genius hanging it like that!

    I think your closet looks great and so wonderful your friend could give you a little push to bet you started!



  8. Very nice! I so wish my closet looked like that.

  9. you're so awesome Mel! I want my closet to be that nice, yeah I'm pouting. ;)

  10. Wow! That looks great! I love the drum shade diy magic.


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