DIY Sunburst mirror

I’ve admired sunburst mirrors for some time and when I saw the instructions on Centsational Girl’s blog, I knew that it fit my criteria, cheap and easy.

I started out with a plastic framed mirror that I picked up at the junk store for $2. On one of my many trips to the hardware store, I grabbed a huge amount of paint stir sticks. 


I tried out a few patterns and ultimately decided that I liked the pattern on the end of the sticks, so I cut 1.5” off of half of them and laid out my pattern.


I used a piece of masonite cut to the size of the mirror and replaced the orange, plastic frame with an embroidery hoop. It received a couple of coats of silver metallic spray paint.


Hmmm, better, but it was still missing something as I only had the one layer of sticks. I got out the bamboo skewers and glued one in between each stick.


Much better.

To hang it, I used a plate hanger


I originally was going to place it on my gallery wall, but instead decided to put it on my chalkboard wall in the kitchen. Good choice.

DSCN1080-1 DSCN1078-1

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  1. It looks great. I did one using wood shims. I love the metallic feel of it.

  2. Nice! I love your version! And I love it on the chalkboard wall! A sunburst mirror is definitely on my DIY to-do list!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Wow, fantastic! Love your choice of silver paint, just fabulous up against those beautiful dark walls!!!


  4. Way, way, WAY too cool!!! That's awesome!! Don't be surprised if you find something similar to this on my blog in the future! haha.

  5. Totally LOVE this version of the sunburst mirror! It might be my favorite!!! Great job! And the silver paint looks gorgeous against the dark walls!

  6. Okay, Mel...you are just getting too crafty there lady! This looks fab! P.S. I can't believe the paint stir stick police didn't come after you! The lady at Home Depot always gives me the stink eye when I grab more than one! :)

  7. That's awesome!! I am a sucker for all these fun mirrors popping up all over blogland! This is the first I've seen with paint stir sticks! Genius my friend!!

    btw visiting from Just a Girl


  8. Mel, Are you left handed? I swear you use the other side of your brain ;) I am pretty crafty, but your craft-foo is strong ;) LMAO Craft-foo!!!

  9. SOOOO beautiful against that dark backdrop! I love the detail of those little skewers too - brilliant!

    Happy Easter!

  10. I'm playing a little catch up in blogland, and wow, did this come out great Mel!

  11. Love this! What a fun project!

  12. Yours is GORGEOUS! I just made one myself!!! I am going to put it up on my blog soon..I would love if you checked it out and told me how I did! http://abangforyourbuck.blogspot.com/
    Thank you!! xoxo


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