Beautifully graphic peacocks


I recently replaced my dinnerware and have several white plates that I knew I would find something to do with.

While searching the internet today, I came across the graphic peacock image, which totally inspired me.

I traced it out using SCAL then cut it out on my cricut.  Of course, one wasn’t enough, so I made two more.

The beauty of using vinyl is that it is not permanent, which suits me fine as I change my mind quickly :)


Anyone interested in the scut file, let me know as I love to share.

I’m sharing this project at the parties that you can find on my Party links page


  1. Cute, loving bird decor these days!

    oh I really didn't change my font, something just happened after it posted. Sorry my font isn't good for your over 40 eyes, lol! I'm still working on my layout!

    I'll keep you in mind my dear!


  2. Oh I love it! I don't have a cricut, but I'd love to know where you found the original graphic!

  3. That's SO COOL! I too change my mind too often, guess that's why I don't have any tattoos. : ) Vinyl is the greatest for projects.

  4. Lovely! I like to feature bird related decor from other bloggers, would love to include this project in my next feature post!

  5. I finally broke down and bought a Cricut today. I got the turquoise colored Cricut off Ebay. I love that peacock design, you could send it to me, and I would totally love it :) lol How do you get your machine to cut it...I am a total newb with the Cricut. But I cant wait to play with it ;) Yeah!!!!!

  6. Thanks for linking up to my party! How clever to use vinyl for plates not being used...love it..


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