Bully is now a member of the family

I gallery wrapped the tea towel around an existing frame.  I think the punch of colour is what I needed here as well as it bringing in some whimsical fun to the room.


  1. Looks great there. I love what you did with it!

  2. i love the pop of color and absolute fun he adds to that wall!

  3. I love that you injected some colour in this wall space and what a fun way to do it too. A little whimsy is just what we need in our life. :)
    Have a gorgeous week,
    Anne xx

  4. Punch of color is exactly what I thought. Like the exposed wire too.

  5. awww cute! Maybe you should add a little more color by putting "mats" in your frames. The rest is looking a little stark compared to that Bad*** Bully punch :)

  6. I love the splash of color. How perfect he is there!

    Did you really have someone offer to breast feed your child? Yuck and no thanks!

  7. Well I can't take my eyes off of you for a minute! All I did was blink and you've got British bulldogs on the wall and vinyl all over the place, mirrors are all painted and stuff! It all looks fresh and wonderful. Your condo is just perfect.


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