Kitchen progress – day 1 of painting

Not a whole lot of progress but I started, which is usually the hardest part for me.


If you recall, I was going to go with a smaller trim, but it just seemed a little too wimpy, so I changed it to a larger trim.



I found the trim at HD and it’s door casing. Still well within my budget.


The drawer unit is looking a lot better with a few coats of paint and some new handles



Still lots more to go, but it’s progress. On Monday I am going to Ikea to pick up an over the range microwave and make a final decision on which countertops to go with. As much as I like the butcher block counters, it doesn’t suit the overall look that I want for the kitchen; it will be one of their laminates but I can’t decide which one.

I apologize for the crappy night photos.  Have you noticed that Picasa now has Creative Kit to edit your photos?  Looks similar to Picnik but less features.


  1. eek! What a job!!! You are much more ambitious than I am these days. Good luck with your project, I'm there with you in spirit!!

  2. Mel, it's looking fantastic! I know you'll make it shine...I've always admired your work ethic and get-er-done attitude! Can't wait to see it finished! :)

  3. Oh Mel, I'm so happy for you! It already looks great! It's a lot of work but you're not going to regret it! Nice handles!

  4. Looking good! Projects like this are so much more manageable when taken in bits & bites.

  5. Wow -- looking good!!


  6. Looks awesome! The trim really looks great. We painted our kitchen cabinets and I've never regretted it!

  7. It's coming along so nicely Mel! Yes, the drawer unit looks MUCH better. Well done! I love what you did with the cabinet doors, and I agree, the larger trim was the way to go. I can't wait to see what it looks like when you get them all done. Slow and steady wins the race, right? This is me patting you on the back....keep up the good work! :) Enjoy your Sunday.


  8. What a transformation already! I love the painted look and those handles!!!!!!!

  9. You're doing awesome Mel, the handles totally change everything and it's just looking great!

  10. Looks SOOOOO fabulous! I love those handles. And that trim is so rich looking! Great job.


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