Bird on a wire

When I updated my kitchen last year, I removed the doors to the cupboards above the fridge.  I painted the inside and added some trim, popped in a couple of decorative items and called it a day.
I decided to move a couple of my cloches in there, but it was still missing something. I cut out this bird on a wire image in vinyl and put it on my $1 thrifted plate. Now it’s better :)
The entire vignette is from thrifted items, probably not totalling more than $15.


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  1. I love your style... This is so cute and the metallic side table turned out great as well... Come join us at the Project Party here: http://www.bubblynaturecreations.com/2011/02/project-party-weekend-make-your-blog.html

  2. What a great idea! What can you possibly store up there any way...to high and difficult to reach! LOVE IT!!!

  3. i love that bird on a wire, plate! so cute! i should make one, too- great idea!

  4. So pretty! And such a great idea to remove the doors above your fridge to add for a decorated space! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Genius idea my dear! We have our music stashed up there with speakers, but I think I would rather have your wonderful idea!

    Did you paint your birds?


  6. That bird on a wire plate is too much!!! Just looks perfect up there!

  7. The vignette is so cute! I love the bird on the wire plate!

    Have a great day.

  8. Love the plate with the cloches.

  9. What a clever and beautiful idea. Great job.

  10. What a clever and creative idea! It looks so pretty....Christine

  11. Beautiful display. I love all the white. ~~Sherry~~

  12. Oh what a lovely display. I love both of your cloches, they are gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty


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