DIY chalkboard paint

I have wanted to make my own chalkboard paint for a while and finally got around to doing so. of all of the colours I could have chosen, I went with grey, boring! 


After I sold my rattan étagères, this wall was left blank. Not that there is anything wrong with a blank wall, but this one is 15’ high, so without anything there, the room didn’t feel anchored, which is especially important when you have high ceilings.

I moved this dresser over from it’s old position where it hosted my tv. The frame was one I have had kicking around here for well over a year. I bought a piece of wood cut to the dimensions of the frame and painted on two coats of the diy chalkboard paint.


Is anyone else confused about DIY chalkboard paint versus DIY chalk paint? I used 1 tbs of unsanded grout in 1 cup of paint. Well isn’t that the same formula for chalk paint?  I’m a slow learner.  Either way it worked out fine. The only caution I have is to be absolutely sure you get every last little grain mixed in really well, stir for at least an hour, ok, maybe not quite that long.

Maybe some day I’ll live on the wild side and paint with something other than neutrals :)



  1. I have a lamp just like yours that I treasure. I found it at a rummage sale years ago. I bought a white drum shade for it just like yours. Love your chalk board, and what you wrote. Thanks for stopping by Mel! Oh, wait almost forgot. I made a chalk board sign for my front door and it's just dark stain on an old piece of wood and I polyurethaned it. Chalk works perfect on it. lol...who knew? XO

  2. Love your chalkboard, the frame is fabulous too. Great saying and I love that song. Hugs, Marty

  3. sweeeet! and the good thing about neutrals is you can use it anywhere :D so much easier to switch it out. You're just smarter than you realize.

  4. great idea! and I love those lamps!!!

  5. I think chalk paint and chalkboard paint are the same essentially. Maybe the only difference is that you finish off chalk paint with wax? Who knows. It turned out great, and that gold frame is amazing.

  6. Very nice. I keep meaning to do this. I would love a pop of turquoise or coral.

    Manda @ Our Wolf Den

  7. Excellent! Love that you were brave enough to try the DIY chalk paint!


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