Kitchen Progress – sneak peek

This is the third time I’ve changed my mind about my backsplash!  Debbie at Me and My DIY did the most amazing planked backsplash in her son’s bathroom, that it totally inspired me!

So far this has taken me three hours, probably another couple of hours to finish getting the planks up, then it’s time to stain. I’m so excited!



  1. cool idea Mel, was it easy to cut out the areas for the plug ins?
    Can't wait to see what color you stain it.

  2. Love the look :-) !!! Might have to do that too lol, your kitchen will look great.

  3. YOU'RE SO FAST! Holy cow Mel, you nearly had that up before I had mine up! ;) It only took me about 2 months to hang the planks in my son's bedroom, and you just started yours this morning?? I'm such a snail. You know I think you're awesome. Great job, it's going to look fabulous!


  4. Oh my! It's going to look amazing! I love what Debbie did in her son's bath. How fun, I see why you're that fast, the kitchen is almost done! Can't wait for reveal time!

  5. I just saw her post yesterday and loved the wall (I think I pinned it)! Great choice - it looks fabulous!

  6. What are you using for planks??? So far it looks fabulous - can't wait to see the finished look.

  7. That is an awesome idea! I can't wait to see it all stained and finished. It looks great already!

  8. Super cool idea! I love how it almost looks like a wood-look tile but much better! Great job:)


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