Chrome drum shade pendant light

whoa, that’s a descriptive title.  Anywho, I scoffed this shade from my son’s room.  Sorry if you are tired of my dining room/sitting room, but I had to have some light in there.
I purchased the wiring and the socket from HD, put it all together today and hung it up. I did make a boo boo which you will see in the photo’s; I cut the cord too short. I measured from the outlet in the ceiling to where I wanted it to hang, but didn’t take the drop into account. Pfft, whatever, it’s fine :) Total cost $8.48
With the light on
I’m participating in the DIY Show Off’s DIY project Parade


  1. this is really cool. The lamp, yes, but the whole thing. love the chairs, the cushions and pillows, the mix of patterns, the green curtains against the striped walls. You have it going on here. Nicely done.

  2. Oh, its so warm and cozy looking now :) Nice Job!!

  3. I love that space and the horizontal stripes, love. Glad you stopped by, because now I have discovered your blog.

  4. Great job, and for only 8 bucks! Cool!

  5. I like that area more with every post.

  6. Well you can't beat that for 8.48!! It really brightens up the space -- creative thinking! LOVE it!


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