Squeal…I’m as happy as a pig in s*it

Two amazing bargains this weekend via Kijiji.

First, I had been looking for a side table for my dining room for a long time, but I knew that it had to be something that fit well. I purchased this and it actually goes quite well with the base of my dining table.

junkin 002

junkin 005

Whadda ya mean you don’t have a fold up table in your dining room?  I use it to sew on and it hasn’t made it back to it’s home yet.

Wait until you see the fabric I have to redo these chairs. I do have more chairs but I’m not loving them, so I’m only keeping these two for now.

And now for my second find.  This was a steal at $60.

junkin 008

And just in case you don’t see it well enough in that picture, here is another shot :)

junkin 009

So I’m still looking out for a rug and two new lamps.  I’m happy to wait until I find what I love.

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